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My name is Natasha and I live in Alberta, Canada. I operated a home based dog food business for 6 yrs, but changed careers, and went back to what I love--working with kids! I am a soon-to-be SAHM :-)

I'm a former junk food/fast food addict, turned health enthusiast.

I love to cook, try new foods, and share my findings! I adapted to a plant-based diet in January 2015 (I was a pescatarian for the past 8). I love sharing my passion for tasty, healthy food, that the average Joe can make!

I've been happily married for 11 yrs. My husband has lost 50lbs in the past and although he still has more to lose, he is content at where he is for the time being. I am lucky as he is very happy to eat anything I cook, and never complains. I just want him to be his healthiest possible too, so I am still encouraging him ;)

I've been on this road many times but this time, I have made some changes. I am focusing more on the health side of my food and exercise choices. I am trying to teach myself to be happy with where I am at today, and not just the person I will be. I have spent too many years putting off life waiting to be slim enough, because I have been conditioned to believe that, that is the only time I will be good enough.

I started gaining weight as a child at the age of 5. It was my way of coping with my emotions regarding my parents turbulent marriage and my dad walking in and out of our lives until I was 12. Food filled a void. It continued to be my "friend" through good times and bad until I got to be over 200lbs. 

In 2003 I had radio-iodine treatment done, after failed attempts to correct a very over active thyroid(Graves disease). Once it was zapped, my pituitary gland no longer functioned. I was put on Synthroid to bring my levels back up to the "normal" range. Unfortunately life as I knew it, never went back to normal. I had rapid weight gain, gaining almost 100lb in a year. I still struggle with losing weight, regulating my body temperature, fertility, just to mention a few...

I have been to several different Dr's, including two different Endocrinologists, and two Naturopathic Dr's. I have followed advise from them all. My levels are in the Canadian standards of "normal" but I believe one of my Dr's hit the nail on the head, when she said that we do not know what normal for you was before you started having issues. The standard of normal, may not be what was your body's normal levels. They are unwilling to increase my dosage because that too, can have serious consequences. I am already taking a considerable dose.

I strongly suggest if you are ever diagnosed with Grave's Disease, you seek more than one opinion if asked to do Radio-iodine Therapy, and to try all other natural treatments first!! I am passionate about spreading the word about this! I was told it was a very common condition, that has been treated this way for many years, and that it has very few long term negative affects. I simply believe this to be far from the truth. Unfortunately for me, it is now my reality.

Several years ago I started blogging about my weight loss journey. I lost, gained, lost, gained, and then felt embarrassed and ashamed that I couldn't just get with the program like everyone else and just lose the weight!! I quit blogging for some time. 

In that time I realized that I was just "stuck." I hadn't given up, and I know it's something I will probably always struggle with, but I won't be ashamed of it anymore. I can't possibly be the only one who has struggled and talked the talk but not walked the walk!! I decided to go back and blog for me. The good, the great, and the bad and ugly! Losing weight is hard. Those struggles make me human. What I have come to realize is that I am more than just a number, and more than just becoming the number I want to be. I have a life to enjoy each & every day, no matter where I am at in this journey.

I am currently using a lot of Happy Herbivore meal plan recipes and sticking to as much WFPB as possible. I signed up for the Meal mentor plans, and I have them until January 2017, although I do not follow them exclusively. I am no longer just going to focus on "blank" amount of pounds each month, or the guilt that goes with not making those numbers. I will not shame myself, but embrace the positive changes I have made, and continue to make. I will never give up on being the healthiest I can be. 

(I have a lot of big life changes in the works this year~ I am having my first baby in November 2016!! So healthy eating is a major priority, but obviously weight-loss is on hold for the time being.)

I hope that I can encourage others to make changes for better health and let others know that they are not alone. Be proud of the person you are right now. Today. I hope we can cheer each other on, and become the best versions of ourselves. Physically and mentally.

I am not perfect. I am not looking to give advice on what others should or should not do, to criticize, or to be criticized. My goal is to just share what works or doesn't work for me, to inspire healthy living and creativity in the kitchen, and to document my ups and downs along the way!

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