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When I first embarked on my weight loss journey I was all about getting the most food for my points. I really wasn't paying too much attention to the quality of food. I stocked up on low fat and light everything. I was the 100cal snack pack queen and I drank nothing but Crystal Light. Even though I was losing, I wasn't actually feeling any better. I yo-yo-ed with this method of eating for years.

Recently I started reading & watching documentaries about food, where it comes from and health aspects to it. In August of 2009 I stopped eating meat. I started reading healthy living blogs, and started reading the labels on the food I purchased. There are a few key books/documentaries that have really changed my views on food:
  • Jillian Michaels-Master your metabolism: I have been dealing with thyroid related issues for 9yrs. Years ago I had radioactive iodine treatment done. I wish so badly I had looked into other alternatives before making such a drastic decision. This book is so informative on thyroid and how what we consume affects it.
  • Kris Carr-Crazy Sexy Diet: Although I don't have the willpower to eat as strict as Kris, I loved this book and found it very informative!
  • Earthlings: This movie is extremely difficult to watch-, but I got through it and it truly changed my views on what I eat, and where my food and products come from. It was a powerful life changer for me.
  • Food Inc.: Again this movie really made me question my food, what was in it, where it comes from and helped change what I eat.
  • Forks Over Knives: I was so impressed with this documentary. I tell everyone to see it. 
  • Happy Herbivore Meal Mentor plans/cookbooks: This has been such a great source of information and support for me. I joined last year and have learned a lot, Lindsey provides podcasts, articles, video chats, etc.
So now I'm doing things much differently. I am using the My Fitness Pal App, & keeping my portions in check. I am not eating "diet" food. I am trying to eat processed foods minimally. I eat a lot of whole food, and I am working on consuming less oil. I'm making a lifestyle change to eat healthy and to learn proper sizes.  

I'm still a gal who likes quantity, but now I'm also all about quality;) I choose to count calories, as I am not ready to give up nut butter or avocado's and a few other no go foods, recommended by Happy Herbivore or Dr. John McDougall.

I'm not perfect. I have bad days. Losing weight and changing your relationship with food isn't easy. 
I do read my labels now. I steer long lists of ingredients I cannot pronounce. 
I try to eat processed foods in moderation and I've really focused on eating lots of fruits, vegetables and whole grains. I am learning to not fear rice, potatoes or pasta!
Like everyone else life gets hectic, and convenience is my friend. I make meals to freeze, and when I'm wanting something as a treat (muffins, cake, cookies, etc.) I try to make them myself so I know what is in them, or I buy the ones with the shortest cleanest list of ingredients. 
I also use real ingredients if I am going to splurge. I like Stevia in a few things but steer clear of aspartame, Splenda and other artificial sweeteners. 
I love to cook, share new food finds, recipes, and try out other's recipes!

I also enjoy taking pictures of some of my meals. I am a visual person and it helps keep me accountable and I can see if I am getting enough variety.
You never know, you may see something worth trying! Some of my favorite dish experiments have been from idea's I've seen from others:)

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