Monday, August 22, 2016

Bun in the Oven Weeks 25-29!

Hiya friends! Can you believe it's almost the end of August already?!  Time is flying!! Summer hasn't been a great one as far as weather goes. No super hot days and we had rain every single weekend in July and August!! Crazy.

I have just started week 29 of my pregnancy and the reality of what is coming in the next 10-11 weeks has hit hard! Third trimester and in the home stretch!! Eeek! So exciting and scary!

We have been going crazy trying to get everything prepared to bring our daughter home. Paul just finished the last of his time off before her arrival and we hit our to-do list hard!

The nursery is complete! I have washed and sorted all her clothes by sizes. I have washed and made up her crib bedding, I bought all new tubing etc for my breast pump, hubs set up her pack and play, installed her car seat, and set up her baby monitor and stroller and bouncy seat! We also reinstated a land phone line and got it all hooked up (we feel this is the safest option with a baby in the house). 

Here is a few pictures of her nursery (I have a picture frame to add to her shelf on the wall and we bought a beautiful new mat for the floor too.)

One spoiled little girl! I picked up most of these on Varage Sale, and a friend gave me some as well :)

I had another OB appointment two weeks ago. Baby was looking good but I found out after a check up(I told her I was feeling pressure) that my cervix is prolapsing :-(  I was told I must rest!! I have been trying hard to follow orders. I really don't want to have complications or be put on bed rest because of it.

I have another OB appointment Wednesday to see where it's at. Otherwise my glucose test went well, my blood pressure was perfect and no UTI's!

I also met with and hired my doula! I think she is going to be a great asset for me during delivery. I tried to get a midwife but I was too "high risk" so they wouldn't take me on. My doula is local, very experienced and is actually Paul's co-workers partner :) She is super passionate about her job and I am grateful we will have the extra support.

I have been feeling pretty good overall. I feel huge and uncomfortable most days and my back is still bothersome at night but heartburn is tolerable, no serious food cravings or aversions, or other horrible symptoms. September 6th we start our childbirth classes! Gahh!! They go until mid October than I'm ready for birth (or so I hope!)

We also are taking a New Baby Old Pet class the first week of September through the Humane Society. Even though all my animals have very good temperament they are not used to being around babies at all. It is designed to give us tips to make the transition an easier one & to help learn proper ways to meet and great and acclimate the pets to the new addition. 

My 3 ginger brothers have really taken to the baby's swing! 

We are keeping them out of her bedroom and trying to detour them from the pack and play but I'm not super concerned about the swing. She can share that ;)

I don't think there is too much more to report on. I will keep updating as I get closer to the big day!
Thanks for following along! XO


  1. It is amazing that how beautifully you have decorated your baby's room. You must be excited for this new life. I hope everything goes well.

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