Monday, June 13, 2016


Hiya friends!! This post was supposed to go up Saturday, so I apologize, but the reveal ended late, and yesterday we had a little family day in the mountains with our girls.

So there was a lot of prep that went into Saturday! I picked up party favors to decorate! There was Little man/little miss plates and cups, balloons, streamers, etc. 
Saturday morning we watched the forecast and it was suppose to be mostly sunny with a high of 19C. We wanted it outside so we got busy decorating. We had all the tables decked out, balloons, streamers in place, the folding table and chairs for everyone. 
The party started at 1pm. At 12:15, just as I was prepping the last of the fruit and veggie trays the wind picked up & the sky was dark. Paul and I kicked it into high gear, ripping it all down and bringing it in. I wanted to cry!! 

Thankfully my mom & sister showed up early and helped hubby make shift the house and get it back organized while I finished the food. Talk about stressful! It ended up blowing over after all--of course...

We had 12 of our family & closest friends attend. Unfortunately, hubby's parents moved last week to Newfoundland and were not able to attend :( His sister in England face-timed live for the reveal with us though, which was really nice.

With the help of Pinterest I put together this fruit baby. Not too bad for my first time! It was a hit! I also had a huge fruit tray with dips and I had Subway cater an array of sandwiches for everyone. Then of course my good friend made our gender reveal cupcakes!

When it was time we gathered everyone outside!

It was so fun! Here is the actual reveal video:


Paul and I are ecstatic!! 
It was the perfect day to celebrate with our friends and family. We feel so blessed to have their love and support and that they are as excited as we are for our precious little girl to join us <3

I have so much more to share about our 18 wk ultrasound, etc, but I will leave that for another post!!

This little girl is so incredibly loved already! She is growing like a weed and making me huge so fast!! I am trying to to embrace the whole experience!!

Today marks 19 wks!!

Thanks for following our journey to parenthood! Mwah!


  1. You look like a very sweet and a happy person Natasha. I wish you good luck for your future life. I have 12 cats and I treat them as my children as well.

  2. Wow... Nice preparations for the party and new coming baby. You are very active lady i must say on even 19th week of yours.

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