Monday, May 23, 2016

Bun In the Oven Weeks 13-16

Well it's hard to believe but today we celebrate 4 months! I am two weeks into my second trimester! Crazy!

The past few weeks have gone by fairly quickly, and lots of prepping for baby chickpea has been underway! As I mentioned in previous posts, my in laws are moving-far. They spent some time taking me shopping for some of the baby items they wanted to help with and be here with me when I pick out.
I was spoiled! We now have our crib and mattress, stroller and car seat, pack and play playpen, a video monitor, along with some odds and ends such as car mirrors, toys etc. 

Between the shopping I have done (second hand) and the shopping trip we went on, I now pretty much have all the major items for our new arrival. We just need to buy my breast pump, & the basic bath stuff, clothing, receiving blankets, etc.

As far as how I have been, good overall. I have had a few bad days of heartburn, and a handful of nights with a sore achy back, but nothing to really complain about. 

Week 15 I started to feel my clothes getting tighter and had 2 people tell me I was starting to show. I don't feel like I am, but again being plus-size to begin with I don't expect to really show until much later. So far I have gained 10lbs.

I can feel a lot of tightening/pulling and round ligament sensations as to be expected. I haven't been craving too much, but I am really enjoying fruit. I wouldn't say it's a craving per say, more of a fondness ;) Last week I bought a wide variety!

Today my exhaustion came back tenfold! I had a decent nights sleep, got up at 7am, and by 10:30 I needed a nap. That nap turned into 12pm and even then I could have continued to sleep. I had to make myself get up! I am trying to listen to my body when it needs rest, but I feel like a slug! Hopefully it's just a growth spurt and I will get some energy back to face the rest of the week. Thankfully today was a holiday :)

Last week was busy with family, the dentist, taking the car in for new tires, chiro, and dog orders.

This week will fly by as it's my in laws last week here, I have dog chow orders to complete, chiro again, my car goes in for new brakes, my mom is coming out to visit/stay over Thurs-Sat, and hubby has to work extra hours 2 days this week. It's going to fly!

I am so excited and yet nervous for our upcoming ultrasound! Two weeks today and we find out the sex of our little chickpea!! Eeek!! Finger's are so tightly crossed and little prayers that everything is okay, and the baby is doing great. I am not as uptight as I was the first 13 weeks, but it still has my nerves in knots. It's a big responsibility growing a human! LOL!

Any guesses what I'm having?! Leave a comment #teamboy or #teamgirl.

I have no idea, although I am leaning towards a boy. We'll see!! I will be back with an update on my ultrasound June 6th, and the reveal is June 11th after we share with our family and close friends!

Thanks for following our journey to parenthood<3


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