Sunday, April 10, 2016

Weekend Shenanigan's

Hiya friends! Hope you all had a great weekend! 

Paul and I had a fairly busy and productive one. Friday evening we went over to my mom's. She is moving to BC in 9 weeks and is moving to a much smaller place. She is minimizing all her furniture and knickknacks and has been giving me items to sell for her on Varage Sale (local virtual garage sale where people pick up at your house). She is letting me keep the fruits of my labor since she doesn't have the time or ability to do it herself. 

Saturday morning we ran some errands, and in the evening we went to our neighbors for dinner. They wanted to have a celebratory dinner for us when they found out I was pregnant. We had delicious appetizers, then she made a lovely pasta dish, and I brought a strawberry spinach salad. I feel so blessed to have them as our friends. She is a Neonatal nurse of 28yrs, so she has tons of great advice. They have raised two amazing kids, who both just left home to pursue their careers, and they are a great mentor for us to follow, as they are a very close family. We visited into the late hours & it was lovely<3 

Sunday Paul and I picked up the supplies to re-do part of our deck. We have a large deck and it had a set of stairs into a dog run and one into the yard. The one into the yard, has a latched door. We decided to forgo the run, as the dogs hate it most of the time, and so Paul disassembled the stairs, and made the opening solid. He then built a frame to build and hang louver's.
I wasn't sold on the idea at first, but I love them. With the rail, they are 7ft high and we can adjust them. It is great for privacy, when we sit down for dinner outside we usually have full hot sun, so this will provide us some shade, and when closed it acts as a safe enclosed wall on that side so the cats can enjoy the deck in a secured area. (We already have a high side with lattice on the opposite side and are putting up pigeon netting along the front so they can't get off the deck.)
We have to wait until the weather is a bit warmer to stain the wood, but when it's all done, it will look great. The deck will also be safer now for when our baby is mobile, as there is only the one latched entry off the deck now. I can't wait until we have the front completed so the cats can go out. I let them out one at a time with me now, but I have to watch them like a hawk. I just know they are going to LOVE it!!  It was a win win change for us all!

I also managed to do a little grocery shop, and to do a little meal planning. Tomorrow I hope to execute some actual meal prepping!!

Have a fabulous week!

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  1. Such a great piece and thanks for the health tips you can never go wrong with vegetables attested by your mum great advise from the nurse too.


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