Friday, April 1, 2016

She's having a what?!!

Well the time has come to share our big exciting news! 

Paul and I are having a BABY!!!

I thought I would do a little break down of our story...

Were we trying? Yes!! For the past year! We were just referred to the fertility clinic, and then the week our referral was approved, we also found out we were already pregnant! Phew!

When did we find out? When I was 4 wks 3 days. I have taken so many tests, I mean SO.MANY. over the past year. I had significant cramping for 4 days, so I totally thought my period was going to start and thanks to Dr Google, thought it was likely not implantation cramping. Then the cramping stopped and nothing. I still really didn't think it was possible. 

The morning I found out, I casually took a test, then left it in the bathroom and laid back in bed. I almost forgot about it. I went in to check, and throw it out when I almost croaked. I think my mouth hit the floor and I just kept staring and blinking. It was faint but there. I held it in the window, for different light. I truly couldn't believe my eyes.
Then I started stammering to Paul, there's a line! There is an actual LINE!!! I took a test every morning for over a week, watching my line get darker each day, until my line was there, and dark before the test line. It was my way of making it a reality(plus I had a ton of strips, as I ordered in bulk.) I also bought one expensive First Response test, that had a definitive YES+!!! SQUEEEEEL!!!
When did we tell our family? I told my mom the night of the 29th. March 1st was her b-day, but I wouldn't be seeing her that day. It was her best b-day present ever! We told Paul's family about a week and a half later, when his dad was back in town. 

We lied and said he had some new editing software he did a project with and wanted them to check it out. We made a little video picture montage and taped them watching it. It was EPIC!! See for yourself ;)

Have you had an ultrasound? Yes, I went to my first prenatal Dr's appointment and she gave me a referral to get my ultrasound done at 8 wks. When I called to book my appointment, I was informed that there was a crazy baby boom going on in the City and nothing was available until the end of April, way after 8 wks!! Then she said she had just one the following Tuesday--a cancellation. I was worried as I was just over 7 wks only. She said they could still see the embryo and find a heart beat. It was that or nothing. Of course I took it. I was not disappointed. We had a lovely tech, who showed us our little alien looking chickpea<3 

She said right now, everything looks great, and our baby's heart was at 
128 bpm, perfect! We were sent home with a few pictures. This was our favorite...
When are you due? During my appointment I was dated a few days earlier than my Ovia app. estimated. We are due November 7th! 

Why did you share so early? We debated about this. We are so flippin' excited that it's REALLY hard not to want to share. It is the most exciting thing that has ever happened to us. We know it's early & sadly things can happen, but we feel that if it does, then it's out of our control. We think there is too much secrecy and shame associated with miscarriages. If it happens, and we are very much praying it doesn't, then we have great friends and family to help us through it. 

I spent the first 4 weeks knowing I was pregnant feeling so much fear, worry and nervousness, that my nervousness was stealing my joy. I decided to try my very best to let go of it, and try to just feel the joy!! My best friend, who just had twins 5 months ago, told me when I am feeling that way, to just say to my baby, "You are loved, you are wanted, you are strong, you are healthy." It has helped me change my thoughts to positive ones.

So, I will stop there for tonight but will do another post in the next couple days on how this pregnancy has been treating me so far, and other big events going on in our life!!

Thanks for taking the time to hear our story <3


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