Tuesday, April 5, 2016

My Pregnancy Weeks 4-8

I have to start off by saying THANK YOU for the out pouring of support and love on here and Instagram for our announcement! Everyone's kind comments made me smile and made my heart so full <3 I appreciate that so many of you understood my fear & your kind words made me feel at ease.

It felt like the first couple weeks of my pregnancy crawled by at a snails pace. I really didn't have any symptoms from 4-6wks except I did go through some insomnia. I would wake up between 2:30-3am and could not get back to sleep. I also wanted banana bread every single day of week 6. I haven't had any in ages, and none since that week. Strange, I know.

Being pregnant felt very surreal for Paul and I. Of course when we found out we were actually pregnant we were ecstatic, but it really didn't sink in for a few days. One morning Paul says, "We are having a BABY!!" He honestly said it in such a way, I realized it was truly sinking in. It was so sweet, and his excitement was apparent with his goofy smile. Some days it still feels surreal. Maybe that is normal? Maybe it goes away once you can feel the baby and you visibly look pregnant? Time will tell I guess!

At the 6.5 week mark my main symptom was exhaustion. Not a, I had a bad nights sleep exhaustion, but I feel like I can barely function, all consuming exhaustion. I needed a long afternoon nap every single day. Some mornings I would get up, have breakfast and within 2 hrs, was back in bed for another hour. I just felt this starting to ease up the past two days. As much as I haven't enjoyed this at all, I also am glad I have it as I feel like as long as I am feeling something, then the baby is still there and growing. Maybe a weird thought but having something gives me comfort. As it's starting easing off, I can't help but wish for it to continue until my next ultrasound! 

I have been super lucky and have not had true morning sickness. I have had some food aversions, and sometimes I start eating a meal and half way through I get this overwhelming need to stop, or I would be pushing it, but nothing serious. A little unsettled feeling but it goes away with a cracker or a little juice. My mom and my sister were never ill with either of their pregnancies either, so I guess I am just following suite ;)

Of course a chunk of my food aversions are to my WFPB way of eating. I have no desire for heavy amounts of greens, beans, raw tomatoes, green onions, etc. I eat ketchup, but hate the smell, I miss coffee, and love all things cereal this week! I am trying hard to balance out what I want to eat Vs. what I should eat. (My goal is to gain no more than 20lbs this whole pregnancy.) I am loving fruit, especially oranges and strawberries, so I add them to my cereal, or have on the side, to bump up the nutrients. 

Common symptoms I am not experiencing:

No tender breasts yet, no sickness, don't find I am peeing that much more, I have no cramping/tightness, no heartburn. 

Common symptoms I have experienced weeks 6-8: 

Mild dizziness/lightheaded, light cravings, food aversions, breakouts, exhaustion, insomnia, & bloating. Oh, and I may have had a few times of feeling emotionally over-sensitive. I may or may not have had a mild melt down, crying episode in Safeway one night, and had to go sit in the car ;) 

Over all I am feeling really well. I am so fortunate to feel loved and supported by my husband. He has always been good, but has proven to be even more amazing through these first several weeks than I expected. 

He as been calm when I'm freaking out, rational when I am feeling very irrational, loving when I have been moody, patient when I am being difficult, encouraging and reassuring when I feel down or worried, and complimentary when I feel bloated, gross and breaking out! What more could a wife ask for really?!! 

I am blessed. Not only do I get to experience something so magical, that are denied to so many, but I get to do it with an absolutely stand up man.


Yesterday we welcomed WEEK 9 with open arms! I look forward to doing weekly updates until our little chickpea arrives!! 

Thanks for following along in our amazing journey to Parenthood <3


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