Monday, April 11, 2016

Bun in the oven - Week 9!

Happy Monday everyone! 

In my last post I mentioned my lovely neighbor/friend. She is a neonatal nurse & she has offered to help me, with any troubles I may have with breast feeding and questions with the baby, which means so much to me. 

What I didn't mention, is why it is extra special to me. It is because BOTH my mom and Paul's parents are moving, right away.

Yep, you heard it right. This has been the hardest part of being pregnant for me. This is my mom's 3rd grandchild (my nephews are 17 &19 now), but the first and only grandchild for Paul's parents. We are just waiting on the final details (we should know 100% for sure this week), but it's almost certain hubby's parents are moving to Eastern Canada(for work). 

My mom is retiring and has already bought a place, and is nearly finished the reno's. The biggest most important event of our lives, and the people we are closest to are leaving. It's a really, really hard pill to swallow. I rarely give myself the chance to sit pondering it, or it leaves me an emotional wreck. I am focusing right now on the time they are still here, and will deal with the rest the day it is here. But I am sad :( I do have a few close friends, who I know will be there for support and who want to be a part of little chickpea's life. They are friends, that are like family. I will be leaning lots on them <3

This past week I am finally starting to feel time go by a little more quickly. Week 9 with my little chickpea has treated me well over all. My extreme exhaustion in weeks 7 & 8 has finally started to ease off. I am still tired often, but not to the point of falling asleep when someone is talking to me, or needing such long naps. I had a few days of no naps, and others were just quick 20min nods. 

I am still dealing with some food aversions, but I really cannot complain. So many suffer with such bad nausea and sickness and I haven't!! Right now I am loving everything cereal, toast, fruit, popcorn, potatoes. Pretty much loving carbs to death. I try to make myself eat some greens and veggies but they are a big no go in large amounts. I hide my greens in smoothies, and stick to carrots, corn, pea's & asparagus for the most part. 

Depending on what it is, I am struggling with mushrooms(which I normally LOVE), raw tomatoes & ketchup, greens like kale, sweet potato, quinoa...pretty much the super healthy stuff :( 

This week chickpea was approximately the size of a pecan or a green olive & is officially a fetus! Woo-hoo!

It has been a relatively smooth week. I felt a little bit of tightness/pulling in my lower abdomen yesterday, but otherwise no heart burn, no headaches, my moods feel pretty stable, no soreness. I am feeling well!! It will be interesting to see, but I had two dreams this week, that I am having a boy ;-)

Tomorrow I have my First Trimester Screening blood work. Just two more weeks and we will get the results, and have our next ultrasound :)

See you next week for a recap on Week 10!


  1. What healhy tips that you have shared here with us, it might seem dificult putting up with raw tomatos and mashroom with all the other mentioned stuff but ultimately this will be beneficial to our bodies health.

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