Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Bun in the Oven - Week 11!

Hello :-) How was your weekend? Ours was laid back & easy. We did errands and house duties on Saturday, and had family dinner at our place on Sunday.

I can't believe we are into the final stretch of April already! In Alberta we have been having such unusually warm weather. We really didn't have a winter and Spring has been on the warm side, with a few really hot summer temp days thrown in!

Well we just finished week 11 with chickpea and overall it was a fairly uneventful week. I am so fortunate that I have had a pretty easy go thus far. I did have three brutal days of heartburn. It didn't matter what I ate, even water would make it flare. I picked up these gems. I took the Gaviscon once, and it did nothing :( The Tums work temporarily. Lucky for me, after the three days, it went away again and hasn't been back! I know as chickpea grows, it will be here to stay, but for now- bye, bye!
My food aversions are easing off a bit. I am not being turned off as much, although the same things aren't super appealing either. I haven't had any specific food cravings, and my desire to live on carbs has eased off. 

We were supposed to have our First Trimester Screening yesterday, and we did have the ultrasound aspect, but our little hooligan would not co-operate. We had another awesome ultrasound tech, who was super sweet, and tried really hard but the baby wasn't having it. We were able to see the side view of chickpea. It's head, tummy, arms and legs. She showed us it's tiny beating heart and it's teeny stomach sack. She could get images of side profile and straight on face, but she needed the back of the head/neck and the baby was tucked in such a way and wouldn't budge. 

It was amazing to see. It's so surreal. We have all seen friends ultrasound pictures and I'm sure think, it's neat, but we have seen them all before. As cliche as it might sound, it just leaves you in awe, when it's YOUR baby, YOUR ultrasound. It's so surreal! The baby was very active and kept throwing it's hands up to it's head, and was kicking it's legs straight out. I am excited for when I can actually feel it!

I had to drink the dreaded water before my appointment, but she ended up having me go pee (I actually went once right before my appointment too, as I could not hold it!) My bladder was blocking good shots of the baby! I think I have the worlds smallest bladder-LOL ;)

After about an hour of trying the tech took the photo's to the Dr to see if they were informative enough to continue with the rest of our screening but unfortunately they were not. We have to return for a re-do next Monday. Hopefully chickpea will be a little bigger and have moved positions enough for a better view.

I asked if at this point they were seeing anything abnormal, or of concern and she assured me that to this point baby looks good. Heart was 157bpm, and the baby measured well, so she was happy. Phew!! A tad less worry for me, for now.

We were given a picture from the receptionist when leaving. I'm disappointed this is the one she picked as the tech took a ton and we had some decent full body, side views. 
It's a side profile, head shot but it's a little blurry. I see my family Dr for my prenatal appointment today and will ask if she has the disk yet, but it may be too soon. Next Monday I will ask for the full disk with all of chickpea's pictures!

While I was at my appointment yesterday I was asked if I would be willing to participate in a medical study for pregnant women. It is to help get approval of a new tool to predict very early in a woman's pregnancy if she will get 
Pre-eclampsia. Since December they only have just over 100 participants and they need 1000! I had to have my blood pressure taken(it was excellent) and have blood drawn. No biggie. I am happy to help if it means better medical care for future mama's <3.

So yesterday we began the journey into week 12! Yay!!

I love seeing the difference each week!

Chickpea is the size of an apricot or plum this week :-)

Thanks for checking in on our journey! See you next week!

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  1. Congratulations on your 11weeks of pregnancy I hope everything goes good and smooth. You should take cake good care of your health theee days. Best of luck to you


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