Monday, April 18, 2016

Bun in the oven - Week 10!

Hello friends! How was your weekend? Great I hope!

Ours was a busy, productive one. Friday evening we headed over to my mom's to pick up and drop off a few things, then ran errands, grabbing a few more things to finish our deck. 

We also took Lilly & Maya to Dairy Queen for a small puppy-cone!!

Her face is priceless!! 

It was for Lilly's 10th B-day!! We always do something special for them on their day. For those who don't know, we almost lost our Lilly when she was 6 yrs old, from an Addison's crisis. It was a very stressful year following, trying to get her blood work back to normal. We never thought we would have another 4 years with her, and she is going strong! We don't like to take for granted the time we get with her (or any of the furs really.)

Saturday was spent running some errands and doing some yard work. I'm also working on organizing the babies room. We had to disassemble our office last month, to have a room for chickpea ;) Although super early, we have already painted chickpea's room. With Paul's folks moving, they wanted to participate so it's already done! 

I really wanted a two toned room, so we went with a minty blue/green and lilac. I love it. It will work great with a boy or girl. I plan to do it these two colors, with white and grey tied in. I am actually glad we did it so early as the smell is nearly completely gone now, and as we buy stuff we have a place to store and organize :)

Sunday was catching up on laundry, I vacuumed and steamed the floors, & other boring but necessary house duties. Paul worked super hard on finishing the deck today. I am so proud. It looks great!! Tomorrow I get to let the cats try out their new enclosed space! Eeek!!

A panoramic view! It's hard to see but along the front is pigeon netting so it feels open but they can't jump over. Once it is all stained it is going to look awesome!

Okay! On to the exciting up date!

Week 10 with chickpea was fairy good overall. Tuesday morning I went for my First Trimester Screening blood work (which I get the results on the 25th).

I had an emotional day Tuesday with the confirmation that my in laws are in fact moving. I knew it was coming, but it just hit extra hard again with the realization that both our parents are moving, just as we are about to add to our family.

Wednesday was a really rough day. I woke up and felt puffy, tired, and like I had been hit with a truck. I assumed it was to do with the emotional day prior. I started getting a headache late morning, and by mid-afternoon I was in bed. When Paul got home he did some pressure points, I gulped a big thing of water and we napped. I woke up feeling a little better, in time for a bit of dinner.

Thursday I was feeling normal again, thank goodness. Heartburn has reared it's ugly head this week. I used to have heartburn all the time before I went on a plant-based diet. I forgot how horrible it feels. Tums offers a little relief, but it's short lived. 

Other than that, the exhaustion is no where near as severe as the previous weeks, and I don't feel that different overall. I am still having food aversions and loving carbs. I keep attempting veggies but many are still a no go.

I have been loving fruit this week. Pears, strawberries, mango and mandarins every day! I'm still having a love affair with potatoes and cereal too :) On the veggie front it's been mostly carrots, pea's, corn, asparagus and a little broccoli & cauliflower. Still a no go with avocado, mushrooms, raw tomatoes, etc. 

I am excited to be beginning week 11 today, and even more excited for next Monday as we get to see our little chickpea again!! 

Thanks for reading about my journey to motherhood <3

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