Friday, January 8, 2016

The deets on week #1 WFPBNO

Hi guys! Happy New Year!! Hope you are all doing well :)

I have been a horrible blogger, I know :-( I have been struggling with getting leg wraps at the specialist twice a week, as well as the crazy holiday season and I just didn't have the motivation to blog!

I am officially back and will make an appearance at least one a week. I am doing this for me and you! I really want to document my full year, with everything going on. It may help someone else considering this lifestyle change, or just anyone struggling with a lot of weight to lose, and issues with food. I will be keeping it REAL!! Ups AND downs!

Right before New Year's I bought and read The Starch Solution. I found it super informative and motivating to get us away from processed food as well as to lose weight without counting calories or tracking points. I am feeling just burnt out and unwilling to do that right now. I have nothing against WW, but for now I need to take a break from it. As much as I am doing this for weight loss, I am also doing this to gain health, one of the reasons we chose to go vegan to begin with.

Dr McDougall covers a ton of useful information in this book but the basic gist of it is to eat a diet high in natural starches such as potatoes and rice, with orange and yellow veggies, greens, and small amounts of fruit. No oils in cooking or in any products you buy, very limited processed foods, and while trying to lose weight, very limited or preferably not at all, any olives, avocado's, nuts or nut butters. Eat when you are hungry. Stop when you are satisfied. Limit fruits to 2 per day.

We did a complete overhaul of our house and made a hefty food bank donation. I also gave open products to family. We have no Earth Balance, margarine, cooking oils, Chao cheeses, Garden, etc in our house. All things we ate in abundance. 

We bought fresh produce, rice, a loaf of oil free vegan bread, and pita's, and the basics to get started. On Sunday we meal planned and did a chunk of meal prep, making 2 oil free hummus, chickpea "tuna" salad, mayo and sour cream style condiments, Goulash, an Autumn loaf, & pre-cooked potatoes and rice. I also decided to take advantage of the Happy Herbivore meal plans sale on Jan.1. Although I do not exclusively follow the plans, I like the support and variety of the meals, and that I can tweak them to my taste. They are completely in line with the Starch Solution philosophy, so that was a huge factor.

The first couple days went pretty easy. We ate simple meals and felt satisfied. On Sunday I had a horrible headache, which I believe was a sugar/fat detoxing from Christmas(Hubs had one on  Tuesday). I found day 4 the hardest. I was feeling tired and really craving sugar/crap. I had to run to the grocery store and felt tempted by everything. I stuck to my guns though and opted to buy us fruit tray. It hit the spot. 

I ate out once with my MIL and chose a Mongolian BBQ, where I picked my own veggies, it was served with steamed rice and I asked for my veg to be cooked with water. It was delicious! Today is day 8. I WI this morning(thought it was day 7 oops!) and I was down -5.8lbs!! I know I can't expect that kind of loss every week(hello Christmas detox!), but it felt good and I ate well!! 

What did I find difficult this week? Finding certain products without oil. I can get most things but not crackers, except Mary's which are pricey and too hard. My hubs won't touch them as he cracked a tooth on one once! Flour tortilla's, granola type bars etc. 

I also had a difficult time with no olives, PB or avocado. I do not eat them excessively and do not feel they are a problematic thing for me so I have decided it is worth it to me, even if it slows my weight loss a little bit, to still incorporate them in moderation.

As for oil, we know none at all is the goal. We have made a drastic change to our diets and have both agreed no added oils in our cooking and buying what we can without, but I am not going to drive myself nuts about the small things here and there that we eat small amounts of like crackers or flour tortilla's. Progress not perfection is the motto-- we will do our best. We also have to eat within our tight budget. Somethings are just out of the budget when trying to buy vegan AND oil free.

I also started some goals for January. I found this goal digger sheet and meal planning sheet on Brooke: Not On a Diet's blog and put them to use! I love having it on my fridge. It's an instant reminder of this month's goals and each days meals. I highly recommend checking them out (they're free!)

I changed my goal digger sheet from the one I had on Instagram just slightly. I start in on Monday so I have 3 full weeks(I was little late to the game). I think these are totally attainable!
Last but not least, I finally finished with my leg wraps from the leg specialist yesterday. For those that aren't sure, I am having issues with scar tissue and swelling from past vein issues and Phlebitis that I had. I now have to consistently wear compression stockings(which sucks big time!) and have another echosclerotherapy for my left leg scheduled for March. In the meantime I am slowly getting back to my exercise/steps. My goals right now is 7,000 minimum. I have to elevate a few times each day, and I had taken a hiatus from it for the past 6 wks or so. My goal is to get back in the water for classes asap. It's the most gentle.

Well, now that I have written a novel, if you are still reading thanks! I look forward to another great week ahead! I will still post any great meal idea's and share my favorite recipes!

Did you set any goals for 2016? If so, please share!



  1. I read the Starch Solution, good stuff. All your meals look tasty!! I find no oil doesn't work for me. I just try & watch my portions. Can't wait to see more meal ideas :)

  2. Thanks Trixie! I am finding the no oil difficult. Especially when eating out, even at healthier vegan places and with family. At home it's not terrible for most things, but finding all products without is definitely near impossible where I live.

  3. Awe, just do the best you can!!! Progress, not perfection!!


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