Sunday, January 17, 2016

Reviewing Week #2 WFPBNO

It's hard to believe another week has come & gone already! This week has been more difficult for us to stick to. Paul weighed in on day 11 of our WFPBNO and was feeling pretty deflated. I was down -5.8 from my first week, but he was +6.0!! He was feeling completely discouraged (as I would have). He was also complaining of feeling super bloated and uncomfortable. I didn't have a clear answer for him, but I was worried he was going to throw in the towel.

We both care about our health, but weight loss hasn't been a high priority for him for the past couple years. It's ALWAYS been something I am working on. I couldn't understand how he could just be fine with where we were and not even try. I was excited that he wanted to join me, and I didn't want him to give up, before we really even started.

After talking, and discussing our options(staying WFPB was still super important to us), we decided to go back on Weight watchers for the portion control, the structure, and to cut back on some carbs & go back to more veggies. We are still not cooking with oil, and buying what we can without it, but for now we are not making the no oil a make or break it. We have cut out 95% processed foods, given up Gardein and other yummy vegan goods, and that was enough to start. As much as I need to lose weight, I am trying to make lifestyle changes to make this a lifetime change, more so than a diet.

This was my first attempt at WW since they switched to the smart point system. I have to admit, I have struggled with some of the changes. I am not super stoked about the way certain things add up (blended foods), and with us being plant based we blend our hummus, cheeze sauces, even basic 4 ingredient smoothies go from 2 smart points to 9 once blended! After week one, and some basic inconsistencies, I wanted to cancel my plan again and switch over to My Fitness Pal. When I saw how very little I would be refunded, we made the decision to stick it out for now. We will eat within the WW guidelines, and give it 3 months, which we paid and then we will re assess at that point.

The most important thing for me is having Paul on board, and keeping it simple for him(which he finds WW reasonably simple to maneuver). We have changed our weigh-ins to Mondays, so I will not weigh this Monday as it is only 3 days difference, and will go as of next week.

So far as of Friday, I am down 7lbs since Jan.1! We are eating great food, and the meal prep game is strong. I usually spend a chunk of the day on Saturday or Sunday prepping rice, potatoes, hummus, and a few lunches/dinners. Today I made potatoes, wild rice, sweet potato and black bean chili, and a potato, artichoke, chickpea & tofu soup in my Instant Pot. 

Tomorrow I will do the hummus, roast veggies we picked up from our winter veggie share, (I got Jerusalem artichokes for the first time ever!) & work on some healthy baking. 

I haven't jumped on the workout wagon quiet yet. I have a re-check on my leg on Monday, and wanted to make sure I was given the okay first. 
My hope is to get in 6 weeks of good workouts with walking and swimming before I get echosclerotherapy on my left leg the beginning of March. Then I am not allowed to do anything but walking for 4-6 weeks. I will be so happy when my legs are all done with!

2016 has a lot going on. I have high hopes for accomplishing some big things, I have some hefty goals, and hopefully some exciting new chapters ahead. I am not sharing it all yet, but I look forward to sharing as the year goes on ;-) 

Have a wonderful Sunday friends, thanks for checking in!


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