Sunday, November 8, 2015

November Goals & October highlights!

Oh goodness, I suck at this blogging thing! I really want to get back at it, then life gets busy and I put it on the back burner :-(

Well October has come and gone and we are almost into the second week of November already! Eeek! Where has this year gone?! I didn't make all my goals for October but I did some. I had avocado twice only, I did do 2 water aerobics classes, I got 8,000 almost 5 days a week, and I had no alcohol at all!! What can I say? I am trying! ;)  

So, my Happy Herbivore meal plans expire December 1st. I desperately wanted to renew them, even though I do not 100% follow them, but alas I have decided not to for now. Hubby and I are on a tight budget and with the current exchange rate, especially just before Christmas, I just can't afford to. In all honesty I don't really need to do it right away. I have a year's worth of meal plans saved, I have all her cookbooks, so I have access to more than enough recipes for now. I hope to rejoin again next summer if another huge sale on the yearly membership takes place again. I will miss the private FB group the most, but I can't justify the expense just for that, at this time!  

I ended up missing 3 of my weight watchers meetings in a row, and will be missing this Wednesday too because it is closed for the holiday. I was sick for one, I accidentally slept in and missed the second, and I had to work the third.

I have been weighing at home and I am down 1lb. Not enough. It's frustrating me. I have been hitting pretty high step counts, keeping busy 4-5 days of the week. I have been eating well, but it's a slow go. 

I need to improve on my water consumption but I don't think I am going to make my 10lb loss I needed by November 18th to receive my 2 free extra months (although I would only need to lose 6 more by then, so if I keep to eating really clean it is a possibility.) I am keeping my November goals pretty simple:

  1. No alcohol
  2. Drink 2L water everyday!!
  3. Vitamins daily
  4. Track all my meals
  5. No eating out for the rest of the month!
  6. 6 lbs off by Dec.2nd.
Six goals. 22 days.

Let's do this!

Highlights from the past several weeks:
Paul and I spent a couple Saturdays at The Alice Sanctuary, which we loved! The first visit was learning about the farm & meeting the animals and the second we got to visit and do some volunteer work around the farm. 
The farm is home to sheep, horses, cows, pigs, a turkey, ducks, chickens and roosters! I LOVE being there. I feel so calm and grounded. We spent time with Bindy and Beanu the miniature horses, Matilda the sheep was my buddy, & Oliver the pig was Paul's favorite! 
There is also Ray, Oreo and Hanna the cows. 
I hope to become a regular visitor and be a regular person the animals come to trust and get to know. It was such a warm experience that made my heart full and ignited my passion for sharing the importance of compassionate living. 
Paul and I did a fundraiser & collected Halloween pumpkins for the animals at The Alice Sanctuary. We had a great response to our request for donations and we ended up with 150 total!! I can't wait to do it again next year!
I finished my First Aid re-certification training for work. Good for another 3 years!

But the highlight of October goes to...

My BFF gave birth to two BEAUTIFUL babies on October 30th...

Meet Evelyn & Benson <3

Nothing gives me baby fever more than this ;-) I cannot wait to meet them!!

Have a great day friends! 

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