Thursday, November 19, 2015

Adventures in Thai cooking!

Hiya! I dropped the ball on posting this week-oops! Not a heck of a lot has been going on anyway. I managed to catch my first cold, & have been eating the usual suspects (like soup) for the most part. 

Last week, before getting sick thank goodness, Paul and I took our first cooking class! 
We actually decided to buy a package for two classes, for each others b-days(in December). They were hosted by Roni from Roni's kitchen. She is a vegan/vegetarian chef out of Calgary.

The two classes we choose were the Thai & vegan cheese making. The one last week was the Thai. I wasn't so sure how it was going to be. We arrived at a little (and I do mean VERY little) bakery with very little room to move. There was a long table with cutting boards and aprons at everyone's stations.

Roni started out telling us a bit about herself, and how she got into cooking and then explained what we would be making. 

We all listened as she explained the steps, we washed up and helped prep all the veggies and sauces for each dish, and Roni did the cooking at the front of the room, explaining as she went.
We were served Thai style iced tea (holy yum!), and ended up with a large feast. We sat around the table, chatting and learning a bit about each other, as we ate. I can honestly say I have never sat around a table having dinner with a bunch of strangers, but it was really fun!
After our meal we all helped ourselves, to filling up take home containers, of the leftovers.

We ended up making everything from scratch. The sauces for each dish, and the dishes themselves. Does it ever taste so much better than bottled!!

We learned how to make;

-Thai green curry paste
-Green Curry (this was my favorite of the night!!)
Served over 
-Coconut Brown Rice

-Pad Thai
-Fresh Salad Rolls with the peanut sauce
-Green Papaya salad(Som Tum) 
and Thai iced tea.

It was a great experience and something totally off the radar for Paul and me. He was the only guy there, but he really enjoyed it! I am looking forward to our upcoming cheese class ;)

Have you ever taken a cooking class? 
What is your favorite style of food?

In the new year, I would love to take her Mediterranean and Indian classes too!

I'm off to make the Salad Rolls for lunch now!

Have a great  Thursday friends!

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