Thursday, September 3, 2015

Welcome September!

How is it September already? I can't deny that I am excited for Fall, although in Alberta it is short lived and transitions into winter pretty darn fast!

I weighed in officially today and no joke, I am up not 8, but 12 flippin' pounds! Time to crack that whip & get back to healthy habits. The two habits I am focusing on bringing back the most this month is tracking my points, and no more eating out. 

Those two things are huge components to that gain! Gahhh!! Ah well, no looking back now. Straight ahead! I am setting myself a mini goal for the next four months. I want to lose 30lbs by December 30th. Totally attainable, and would make my total loss 60lbs. I would be thrilled to start 2016 on that note :) 

I will be hitting up the gym, working in my home gym, setting FitBit goals, and wait for it---doing water aerobics!! Yep, I am the girl who DOES NOT wear a bathing suite in public, but sucked it up and bought one, and come November (when our pool re-opens) I will be going 1-2 times/week. There. I said it out loud. Now hold me to it ;)

Now that everything is back to school, I have found the cutest environmentally friendly snack bags & 50% off!

They Velcro closed and have a washable liner inside. I usually bring containers, but these are great for snacks, without the bulk!

Work is pretty slow right now. We are really quiet during summer months, and they are doing renovations right now until November. I look forward to going back to normal hours soon. When I do, I will be all set with new snack bags and my new leak proof Bubba water bottle!

I have the regular handled Bubba cup with the lid and detached straw, and I love it, but it doesn't fit in my cars cup holder and isn't leak proof. I have given my car seats a pre-wash on morethan one occasion~oops!

This past week I had hoped to start blogging some meal or recipe idea's to share but we were so busy prepping for the garage sale we had last weekend(so much work), trying to get everything left to Goodwill, appointments for Lilly this week, I met a friend for lunch yesterday, etc that it didn't happen, and likely won't until next week. 

In the meantime I will share a few of my go to sweet seasonal breakfast idea's.

PB Toast with fresh strawberries & hemp hearts, or Almond butter toast with fresh nectarines or peaches & hemp hearts. There are so many combo's you can create. It is my go-to breakfast all summer long. Jam is great but doesn't compare to the real thing when in season for taste or nutrition!

These will definitely be missed in the coming months!(I only buy organic berries when they are affordable in season)

What is your go to breakfast? 
Do you prefer sweet or savory in the mornings? 

I enjoy both although I often end up making savory breakfasts for Brinner!

Have a great night! 

PS. Has anyone seen the preview for the HGTV show coming about Little houses? I seriously want to build and live in one in the future ;)

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