Tuesday, September 15, 2015


This week is a busy one in our house! Yesterday I tackled our guest room and it's done! I also nearly finished the little room downstairs and got all the bedding changed. Today my goal was to finish up the laundry and tackle our office which I did. I just a few more things on my list of to do tomorrow and I am all caught up. Woo-hoo!

Hubby had an appointment right after work to see the specialist to read his
x-ray. Low and behold there was no recent fracture! The Dr says Urgent Care must be high! He said the Air-cast was completely useless to him, and in fact he needs some physio now as it has really stiffened up from being immobile. So frustrating!! He told him that there was an old injury probably from his teen years that wasn't treated that is probably what the bone fragments are but that it is so painful because he has arthritis in it. Go figure. I am relived it wasn't fractured but we have been going on like this for two weeks now! GRRR.....

Tomorrow my lab Lilly, is having dental surgery. I can't stop thinking about it! I'm so nervous. Last time I was informed she stopped breathing twice during surgery, and the last time took some effort to get her back. It honestly makes me sick to my stomach. I just love her more than I could express and would be utterly devastated to lose her this way. 
Please say a little prayer or send happy vibes for her tomorrow<3 My main objective is to stay busy today and tomorrow so I don't give my self a nervous break down. My mantra..."She is going to be okay..."

Eating has been really good the past couple days. I have tracked and we haven't eaten out. I didn't cook from our meal plan last night. It's not like any of the recipes are hard at all but it's habit to make something quick that you don't have to think about. 

As long as we are eating up food we have and are eating at home, it's all good :) Tomorrow I am veering off plan as well but I'm just swapping for an easy to make Happy Herbivore recipe from my meal plan. I am going to make it in the morning so that once we pick Lilly back up we can quickly eat and I can just lay with her. She is pretty out of sorts the night after surgery.

I would be best off to do all my meals ahead and reheat, but I am just not a fan of re-heated food. I find it makes most dishes go from tasting fantastic to 
sub par. The exceptions of course being soups, stews, chili, spaghetti sauce and some casseroles. For us meal prep is washing, dicing, having potatoes and starches cooked, then cooking the meal before eating. It still cuts down on a lot of time to have everything prepped. My hope is to get this part done for the next week.

Well that's all the excitement here for today! I am on my third attempt at my Mocha overnight oats. It's good but still tweaking it to make it REALLY good ;)

Hope you have a great night!


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