Saturday, September 12, 2015

Mid September goals

Today is an absolutely gorgeous day. I planned to get a bunch of housework done, but we had a few errands to run, and I dropped hubby off for a few hours for a film project that he is working on. 

Once home I was able to get some cleaning, and laundry done, but then it was time to pick him up and now I am sitting here saying, forget it. I'm done! Ever have those days?!

I have one of those super annoying all or nothing mentalities. It really doesn't serve me in house chores, or diet/exercise. It actually sets me back more times than not. I have tried to change my views on this but it is a hard one for me! 

I know it's the middle of September and most people will share their monthly goals at the beginning of each month, or the beginning of the year, but I am changing that up.

Since I am on the roll of mini goals until the end of December I thought I would start with super mini goals and share my goals for the rest of the month. Why wait right? 

Last month we decided to do some household minimizing. We switched our office from downstairs to up, and set up a "dog room" in the little room on our main level. We re-organized our basement and cleaned it up, making a little workout area for me, and we made some changes to our bedroom & guest room(more to come in another post).

In doing all these things, as well as hosting a garage sale and everyday life, we never fully finished and cleaned each of these area's. They feel half thrown together and it's driving me mad! I want to work on them, room by room and have everything sorted, organized and clean before October 1st!! My "Zen" is off until this is done.

I plan to make weekly meal plans, and stick to a strict budget only buying what is needed and to use up a good portion of my freezer and pantry before the new year(Yes,we have this much extra!). Hubby and I are sticking to a strict grocery budget that is going to be pretty tight going forward. I paid into a winter half share of a CSA that starts end of October until mid-February. Meal planning will be a critical component to us eating healthy, at home, and on budget!

This next goal may sound like a strange one but taking better care of me. I am committing to taking the time to actually do my hair, wear a little make-up and wear more than my grubs at least 4 days a week. I used to work in an office downtown and did these things everyday. Since I've run my own dog food business and have been working in child care, that has all gone out the window. Very few people at work wear makeup and our dress code is workout attire (I work at a rec center), it is really easy to just not bother doing much more than showering, throwing my hair back and throwing on sweats and a t-shirt. In fact I don't even own a whole lot else at this point. I am feeling frumpy :( My wonderful partner always tells me I look good to him, and he likes low maintenance but it's not good enough for me. I will take the dreaded selfie's to prove I am doing it!!

I think if I can get these mini goals accomplished, it will give me the push to set more mini goals for October and help me reach my big goals for the rest of the year. It's all about the big picture. I am always about self improvement, and trying to find balance in life for my mental and physical health. I have many more things I wish to work on, but these are a great start.

Who has a goal they want to set for the rest of the month?

What is your goal to reach by the end of December?

Let's cheer each other on!

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