Friday, September 11, 2015

Crazy Week

Can we all just say TGIF?!! This week has been a bit of a gong show around here, so I am looking forward to a couple days of less intensity! 

Last Sunday my husband went into Urgent Care with extreme food pain. It had been bothering him all week but he just summed it up to being on them, lugging our garage sale furniture around the week prior, etc.

Well it turns out he has a fractured ankle with bone fragments and a "significant deviation" to the top of his foot. 

They say this is caused by some type of trauma. Leave it to him to sustain trauma to his foot and have no clue as to what he did! They have him in an Aircast (which he is HATING) and he had to go for a recheck today.

Verdict? We didn't actually get one. Our doctor had him go take new x-rays to see how it is healing and to see if a plaster cast will be required but she can't do the reading of it. He has to go to a bone Dr. on Tues. In the meantime, take it easy, leave the cast on, and no driving. Did I mention it is his right foot? SMH :(

I have been driving him everywhere all week, and will be for a while yet. Luckily for him I haven't had hours at work yet, & have only been working from home, so I have been very flexible. I am hoping it comes off before I'm back. 

Next Wednesday Lilly, our lab is going in for her third, and I hope final, dental surgery. I am so worried and nervous as last time I was told she stopped breathing twice!! They had hoped to remove these 3 last time, but couldn't keep her under any longer so they had to wait. I am dreading that day! I plan to come home and do some baking and meal prep to keep my mind busy. I will be home with her Thurs and Fri while she recovers. With her Addison's Disease it is a bit harder on her than a normal dog.

In weight loss news, I was down -1lb. It's a start. We ended up eating out 3 times this week, twice with my in-laws. They are on holidays now, so we are back to eating at home! I am struggling with getting back into the point counting mentality again. I ran into my former WW leader today. I could see she wanted to ask where I have been, but thought better of it. I didn't offer anything. Truth is I really liked her as a leader(she was our new leader), but with lots of expensive vehicle repairs, vet bills and work hours cut, I had to cut somewhere. I can do online for half the price. I hope to be able to go back to meetings eventually but we have ourselves on a tight diet budget right now ;)

We have spent the last couple evenings driving around looking for a lost dog in our community. She got out by mistake at her doggie daycare. Her family is devastated. I have been very fortunate, and in ten years, I have NEVER lost sight of any of my dogs. I can't even imagine that feeling. We trained our girls with recall when they were pups and even off leash in our yard they stay close. They never try and bolt when our door is opened. I hope though, if I was ever faced with that situation, people would help us. Besides, we have had a beautiful couple evenings and it gives me and hubby a chance to grab a coffee and have some quiet time together driving the back roads.

There hasn't been any reported sightings for 3 days now. We are keeping hope that she is safe and that we will get word of a sighting this weekend <3

I hope to get some house organizing/cleaning done and some baking/meal prep worked on.

Anyone have big plans for the weekend?

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