Sunday, August 30, 2015

I have missed this!!

Yikes, I have been gone a long time! Just over a year to be exact. Craziness.
A lot has happened in that time, but I'm focusing on the here and now. I wanted to come back to blogging as I miss this little space for my own creative time to share life, pour my heart out, and share great food of course! 

I am an avid Instagram-er, and love the quickness of it, but you only see a flash through pictures. Instead I will be sharing life a little more in depth. 

I feel like I am in a good place to commit to regular posts. In January Paul and I turned to a plant strong/vegan way of eating. I am loving it thus far, and want to share our experiences, and doing it with weight watchers.

Many people are mislead thinking that if you eat a vegetarian or especially vegan diet, you will automatically lose a lot of weight. For some this may be true, but let me tell you first hand, it isn't true for everyone.

There are still many unhealthy, processed, or high calorie, vegan foods available and it is still easy to overeat. I lost almost 50 lb while following WW, but I stopped counting & measuring and over the summer we ate out a lot, indulged in Slurpee's etc, and I am now the (not so proud owner) of 8 of my lost pounds. I have kept off -36.4 but need to go much further.

I am ready to fully recommit & focus on getting my groove back!! If you are new hello! If you are a former reader--thanks for checking in and I hope you'll stick around! I have a lot of exciting things going on in life that I look forward to sharing :)

My desire for this blog is to just share bits of my life(good and bad!), my favorite furs (of course) & lots of motivation and inspiration to live healthy, find balance, exercise(from a newbie), reviews of recipes, and sharing my own meal idea's and recipes. 

Is there anything you wish to see? 

A certain recipe? Have a question about going plant-based? 

Let me know! 

Have a great (hopefully relaxing) day friends!

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