Monday, May 23, 2016

Bun In the Oven Weeks 13-16

Well it's hard to believe but today we celebrate 4 months! I am two weeks into my second trimester! Crazy!

The past few weeks have gone by fairly quickly, and lots of prepping for baby chickpea has been underway! As I mentioned in previous posts, my in laws are moving-far. They spent some time taking me shopping for some of the baby items they wanted to help with and be here with me when I pick out.
I was spoiled! We now have our crib and mattress, stroller and car seat, pack and play playpen, a video monitor, along with some odds and ends such as car mirrors, toys etc. 

Between the shopping I have done (second hand) and the shopping trip we went on, I now pretty much have all the major items for our new arrival. We just need to buy my breast pump, & the basic bath stuff, clothing, receiving blankets, etc.

As far as how I have been, good overall. I have had a few bad days of heartburn, and a handful of nights with a sore achy back, but nothing to really complain about. 

Week 15 I started to feel my clothes getting tighter and had 2 people tell me I was starting to show. I don't feel like I am, but again being plus-size to begin with I don't expect to really show until much later. So far I have gained 10lbs.

I can feel a lot of tightening/pulling and round ligament sensations as to be expected. I haven't been craving too much, but I am really enjoying fruit. I wouldn't say it's a craving per say, more of a fondness ;) Last week I bought a wide variety!

Today my exhaustion came back tenfold! I had a decent nights sleep, got up at 7am, and by 10:30 I needed a nap. That nap turned into 12pm and even then I could have continued to sleep. I had to make myself get up! I am trying to listen to my body when it needs rest, but I feel like a slug! Hopefully it's just a growth spurt and I will get some energy back to face the rest of the week. Thankfully today was a holiday :)

Last week was busy with family, the dentist, taking the car in for new tires, chiro, and dog orders.

This week will fly by as it's my in laws last week here, I have dog chow orders to complete, chiro again, my car goes in for new brakes, my mom is coming out to visit/stay over Thurs-Sat, and hubby has to work extra hours 2 days this week. It's going to fly!

I am so excited and yet nervous for our upcoming ultrasound! Two weeks today and we find out the sex of our little chickpea!! Eeek!! Finger's are so tightly crossed and little prayers that everything is okay, and the baby is doing great. I am not as uptight as I was the first 13 weeks, but it still has my nerves in knots. It's a big responsibility growing a human! LOL!

Any guesses what I'm having?! Leave a comment #teamboy or #teamgirl.

I have no idea, although I am leaning towards a boy. We'll see!! I will be back with an update on my ultrasound June 6th, and the reveal is June 11th after we share with our family and close friends!

Thanks for following our journey to parenthood<3

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Bun In the Oven Week-12

I'm a few days late posting my update. We went to our second ultrasound at 13 weeks, and needed time to just absorb it all, and decide how much I wanted to share. I am choosing to share it all.

Before your heart automatically starts sinking, everything is okay!

As I mentioned in my last post we had gone for our 12 week ultrasound but they couldn't get the information they needed to do the proper calculations for my first trimester screening for Trisomy 21, 18, and 13. We were rescheduled for this past Monday.

Our appointment was for 3:30, and we finally got in around 3:50. The first two ultrasounds I had really sweet, personable techs. This time not so much. The girl barely said two words to us, and didn't talk about what she was doing or what we were looking at on our baby, until the very last shot. She quickly said here is the baby's head, arms, legs(which were crossed), and the heart rate is 158 bmp. We were in there maybe 10-15min. She was super fast, and they did not take nearly as many pictures as the previous time. It felt super rushed and impersonal.

She walked us to another room and said when the nurse had the results, she would be in to go over it with us. When she finally came in she quickly started going over the papers. 

She started off by showing us a chart that had a background risk for the average person with my stats, then the recalculated one with my stats, my blood work and the babies information. 

She began with Trisomy 18 &13 by saying that my adjusted risk was way less than the average, meaning that my chances of the baby having either of these was super unlikely. Phew! Great news!

Then she says, when it comes to the Trisomy 21, again you are below the estimated average background risk, and your calculated average is 1:191. She says that in percentages that means that there is a 99.5% chance that the baby will not have Down Syndrome and will be perfectly fine, but there IS a 0.5% chance that our baby could be born with DS. Even though the percentage is that low, we tested as a positive screen for Trisomy 21. The reason is that we are still at a higher percentage then the screening cut-off which is 1:300 at this gestational age.

She then went over our baby's stats, saying that the neck fluid, baby's measurements, heart rate etc were all normal. She casually mentioned that they were unable to examine the baby's nasal bone. At that moment I didn't realize what that meant. She didn't say it in a manner that told me this could be a potential marker for Trisomy 21.

She went on to tell me the options for further testing that were available to me, and then sent us on our way. We both felt like the appointment was rushed (it's supposed to be 1.5hr appointment and we were in and out within an hour, even with wait times). We even saw the nurse leaving the center in a rush as we were leaving in our car!

Going by the percentages we should have been elated. Once back in our car however, and having a few minutes to look over our paperwork ourselves and refer to Dr. Google, we started to feel like we were given bad news. 

We realized the significance of them not being able to examine the baby's nasal bone. We had been given a soft marker. The reason we were estimated higher, was in part because of this marker. That hit us hard. We always said we would not end our pregnancy over anything like Trisomy 21 but suddenly we were faced with having to walk our talk. I realized that the reason they wanted to re-do my ultrasound was because they couldn't find it at 12 wks either. They wanted to wait another week, which is recommended by medical sources. This meant that it was undetected at 12 & 13 weeks.

I will say that I felt panicked, scared, and cried the rest of the night. The logical part of my brain said STOP! I knew she said that there was a 99.5% chance the baby was perfectly fine, but I just couldn't stop thinking, but we have a marker!! I was trying to wrap my head around what that could mean for us, and the future for my baby. I read many stories online of people given the exact same news, some of them at every ultrasound their entire pregnancy and everything was fine.

 After a lot of tears, and talking I can honestly say that for today, right now we are in a better place. I am nervous and anxious for my 18 week ultrasound in June. I am going to try super hard to remind myself this is in no way a diagnosis. This is my first baby and pregnancy and I want to embrace it and enjoy it. It could very well be my only one. It's not out of our heads by any means,but we have made the decision not to do any further testing at this time.

We love this baby and this baby is wanted. With or without Trisomy 21. Getting further testing is costly, invasive and it won't change the out come of this pregnancy. The baby had no other markers at this time, so we are hoping we will see a nasal bone at our next U/S. If we do, we know the chances are very unlikely. If we don't and there are no other markers, again it's still unlikely. If they can't see it and there are other markers then we will make decisions at that time to test further so we can do our part to be prepared & as knowledgeable as we can be.

Our sweet little chickpea was bouncing around (kinda looked like it had the hiccups! Probably helped I had a small handful of sugar on my way to the 
clinic-LOL.) Then it calmed down, crossed it's little legs, and co-operated for photo's<3

For the next scan I will be in big time mama-bear mode. No more end of day ultrasounds. It really shouldn't matter- but it does. We felt incredibly rushed. I will not be leaving before viewing all my photo's. The last pictures are so blurry and horrible. This is the best one of the dozen she took. Some you can't make out at all. I will be bringing a sheet of questions with me, and will not be leaving until they are all answered to my liking. If there are any markers I want them to show me in detail with their picture markers, so I can fully understand what it is they are looking for/at. I understand that they do this all day, everyday, but this is MY baby. My first and only baby. We deserve to be treated like ours matters.

Week 12 of my pregnancy has treated me well. My food aversions have passed (I even ate a bowl of raw baby tomatoes yesterday!), I haven't had any cravings, I haven't had heartburn, I'm not too tired, and I am feeling well.

I will probably not report weekly about my pregnancy at this point, unless something exciting happens, but will be back for the 18 week ultrasound which is obviously weighing heavy, but it's also exciting as we will be preparing to find out if chickpea is a little boy or girl!!

Thanks for reading our journey into parenthood <3

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Bun in the Oven - Week 11!

Hello :-) How was your weekend? Ours was laid back & easy. We did errands and house duties on Saturday, and had family dinner at our place on Sunday.

I can't believe we are into the final stretch of April already! In Alberta we have been having such unusually warm weather. We really didn't have a winter and Spring has been on the warm side, with a few really hot summer temp days thrown in!

Well we just finished week 11 with chickpea and overall it was a fairly uneventful week. I am so fortunate that I have had a pretty easy go thus far. I did have three brutal days of heartburn. It didn't matter what I ate, even water would make it flare. I picked up these gems. I took the Gaviscon once, and it did nothing :( The Tums work temporarily. Lucky for me, after the three days, it went away again and hasn't been back! I know as chickpea grows, it will be here to stay, but for now- bye, bye!
My food aversions are easing off a bit. I am not being turned off as much, although the same things aren't super appealing either. I haven't had any specific food cravings, and my desire to live on carbs has eased off. 

We were supposed to have our First Trimester Screening yesterday, and we did have the ultrasound aspect, but our little hooligan would not co-operate. We had another awesome ultrasound tech, who was super sweet, and tried really hard but the baby wasn't having it. We were able to see the side view of chickpea. It's head, tummy, arms and legs. She showed us it's tiny beating heart and it's teeny stomach sack. She could get images of side profile and straight on face, but she needed the back of the head/neck and the baby was tucked in such a way and wouldn't budge. 

It was amazing to see. It's so surreal. We have all seen friends ultrasound pictures and I'm sure think, it's neat, but we have seen them all before. As cliche as it might sound, it just leaves you in awe, when it's YOUR baby, YOUR ultrasound. It's so surreal! The baby was very active and kept throwing it's hands up to it's head, and was kicking it's legs straight out. I am excited for when I can actually feel it!

I had to drink the dreaded water before my appointment, but she ended up having me go pee (I actually went once right before my appointment too, as I could not hold it!) My bladder was blocking good shots of the baby! I think I have the worlds smallest bladder-LOL ;)

After about an hour of trying the tech took the photo's to the Dr to see if they were informative enough to continue with the rest of our screening but unfortunately they were not. We have to return for a re-do next Monday. Hopefully chickpea will be a little bigger and have moved positions enough for a better view.

I asked if at this point they were seeing anything abnormal, or of concern and she assured me that to this point baby looks good. Heart was 157bpm, and the baby measured well, so she was happy. Phew!! A tad less worry for me, for now.

We were given a picture from the receptionist when leaving. I'm disappointed this is the one she picked as the tech took a ton and we had some decent full body, side views. 
It's a side profile, head shot but it's a little blurry. I see my family Dr for my prenatal appointment today and will ask if she has the disk yet, but it may be too soon. Next Monday I will ask for the full disk with all of chickpea's pictures!

While I was at my appointment yesterday I was asked if I would be willing to participate in a medical study for pregnant women. It is to help get approval of a new tool to predict very early in a woman's pregnancy if she will get 
Pre-eclampsia. Since December they only have just over 100 participants and they need 1000! I had to have my blood pressure taken(it was excellent) and have blood drawn. No biggie. I am happy to help if it means better medical care for future mama's <3.

So yesterday we began the journey into week 12! Yay!!

I love seeing the difference each week!

Chickpea is the size of an apricot or plum this week :-)

Thanks for checking in on our journey! See you next week!
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