Saturday, July 23, 2016

Long over due update!! Bun in the Oven Weeks 18-24!

Oops! I guess it's been a while!!

I will rewind back to our 18 week ultrasound. We had a really great, long and thorough session. There was a long list of markers the technician had to check off so she started at the baby's head and explained every little detail of what she was looking at/for and if baby was measuring or showing what she should. 

She showed us parts of the brain, chambers of her heart, valves, face features, bones in her back, legs, arms, you name it, we saw it! It was absolutely surreal, amazing and exciting. She grew so much from our last U/S! 

The very first thing I asked as soon as she put the wand on my belly was, "do you see a nasal bone?!"  "Yes! For sure," she said. She then said it was actually measuring past the minimum they look for, which was great news! That actually dropped her chances of having Down Syndrome from 1:191 to a risk less than 1:500. 

We had a very kind and personable tech this time, who was super thorough. Our appointment was 2 full hours. At the very end she needed 2 pics she was having a hard time getting(baby girl stopped cooperating and wanted to be left alone) so she had to have another tech come into get try to get the last 2, after having me eat something sugary and get up and move around.

Before we left the actual Dr came in and went over everything with us. He confirmed that he agreed with the other two tech's that it looks like a girl, that her scans were right on point and even mentioned that they were very impressed because they caught her trying to breath in the amniotic fluid. He said not only do they rarely catch babies doing this, but even more so ones so young. She was doing it approx. 8-10 weeks before babies usually try and he said this was very good sign and they considered this high thriving and a sign of fetal intelligence!! 

Needless to say Paul and I walked out of there on cloud nine! We were having a healthy baby girl and we also had a great appointment with great U/S photo's. 

It was such an amazing day!!!

Since then everything has been going pretty well overall. Week 20 we took a little holiday to Pender Harbour BC for a week. It was fun! We took the dogs with us of course, and they were so good and had some fun beach time and lots of walks!

I had a really bad bout of stomach cramping and severe pain caused by constipation during week 23. I ended up at Urgent Care where they checked the baby, did full blood work and gave me an IV. We speculate it was just a bad combo of pregnancy, sitting too long driving on vacation, and not enough water. Luckily a few days on Gas X and Senekot and everything subsided and all has been good since. 

Week 18 I started to feel her moving a little bit here and there, but this week (Week 24) she is very active and I even caught it on video!! 
I pretty much feel her off and on all day now and I LOVE it. It's that little thing only you feel when going about your day and makes the reality of her come to life!

Last week I met my OB at the hospital that I will be delivering at. I was really nervous as I have heard horror stories about plus size pregnancy discrimination and how Dr's often want to do C-section without trying natural. My doctor addressed this right off the bat and said she didn't agree and that as of right now, everything looks really good and she sees no reason why I can't try for a natural delivery! She did a quick U/S check on baby girl, checked my BP and took a urine sample and is sending me for my glucose screening Aug.2nd. We discussed a couple precautionary things she would like to do just in case I ended up in an emergency situation, but otherwise we will let mother nature take it's course. So far my weight gain has been under control. At week 23 I had only gained a reasonable 13lbs. I have also decided to hire a Doula which I think will be a wonderful asset :)

I have had a bit of food aversions come back in the last 2 weeks. I currently am not fond of bread which is super bizarre (however bagels are ok!) but I haven't really had any cravings. I will often make something for dinner then half way through I just can't eat it. It turns me off, or tastes different than I remember it tasting-lol.

The biggest issue I have had almost my entire pregnancy so far and still on going is back pain at night. I have none during the day but around 2-3am I wake in agony. It doesn't matter how I lay and some nights I give up and just get up for a while. I have heartburn here and there but so far nothing completely unbearable, and have had leg cramps at night twice. So far, really nothing to complain about.

I am feeling a bit uncomfortable. I feel winded easier, tired faster and definitely feel like I am slowing down, but all to be expected. I can't believe how fast the time is starting to go now.

We have decided on our daughters name!!!

Her name is Morgan Danaiya Hurst <3

We bought these letters (I am spray painting the R & A) to put up in her nursery! We have everything we pretty much need except a few things we saved for our baby shower registry. Now it's just a matter of organizing! I still hope to get up a post on how much I was able to purchase and save by buying second hand through Varage Sale. I seriously got some kick ass deals, and saved us so much!!

I will share nursery pictures when it is all finished! My next OB appointment is August 10, which is also the week I start my third trimester!! Gahhh!! I cannot wait to meet our baby girl!! <3

September 24 my sister is hosting my baby shower, and the week before Paul and I are taking our last mini babymoon/early Anniversary weekend get away to Johnston Canyon. Lots going on in the remaining weeks!! I will be back to share.

Little comparison shot from last post to today, a day shy of 25 wks!!

Thanks for following along in our journey to parenthood!! We are almost there!!

Monday, June 13, 2016


Hiya friends!! This post was supposed to go up Saturday, so I apologize, but the reveal ended late, and yesterday we had a little family day in the mountains with our girls.

So there was a lot of prep that went into Saturday! I picked up party favors to decorate! There was Little man/little miss plates and cups, balloons, streamers, etc. 
Saturday morning we watched the forecast and it was suppose to be mostly sunny with a high of 19C. We wanted it outside so we got busy decorating. We had all the tables decked out, balloons, streamers in place, the folding table and chairs for everyone. 
The party started at 1pm. At 12:15, just as I was prepping the last of the fruit and veggie trays the wind picked up & the sky was dark. Paul and I kicked it into high gear, ripping it all down and bringing it in. I wanted to cry!! 

Thankfully my mom & sister showed up early and helped hubby make shift the house and get it back organized while I finished the food. Talk about stressful! It ended up blowing over after all--of course...

We had 12 of our family & closest friends attend. Unfortunately, hubby's parents moved last week to Newfoundland and were not able to attend :( His sister in England face-timed live for the reveal with us though, which was really nice.

With the help of Pinterest I put together this fruit baby. Not too bad for my first time! It was a hit! I also had a huge fruit tray with dips and I had Subway cater an array of sandwiches for everyone. Then of course my good friend made our gender reveal cupcakes!

When it was time we gathered everyone outside!

It was so fun! Here is the actual reveal video:


Paul and I are ecstatic!! 
It was the perfect day to celebrate with our friends and family. We feel so blessed to have their love and support and that they are as excited as we are for our precious little girl to join us <3

I have so much more to share about our 18 wk ultrasound, etc, but I will leave that for another post!!

This little girl is so incredibly loved already! She is growing like a weed and making me huge so fast!! I am trying to to embrace the whole experience!!

Today marks 19 wks!!

Thanks for following our journey to parenthood! Mwah!

Monday, May 23, 2016

Bun In the Oven Weeks 13-16

Well it's hard to believe but today we celebrate 4 months! I am two weeks into my second trimester! Crazy!

The past few weeks have gone by fairly quickly, and lots of prepping for baby chickpea has been underway! As I mentioned in previous posts, my in laws are moving-far. They spent some time taking me shopping for some of the baby items they wanted to help with and be here with me when I pick out.
I was spoiled! We now have our crib and mattress, stroller and car seat, pack and play playpen, a video monitor, along with some odds and ends such as car mirrors, toys etc. 

Between the shopping I have done (second hand) and the shopping trip we went on, I now pretty much have all the major items for our new arrival. We just need to buy my breast pump, & the basic bath stuff, clothing, receiving blankets, etc.

As far as how I have been, good overall. I have had a few bad days of heartburn, and a handful of nights with a sore achy back, but nothing to really complain about. 

Week 15 I started to feel my clothes getting tighter and had 2 people tell me I was starting to show. I don't feel like I am, but again being plus-size to begin with I don't expect to really show until much later. So far I have gained 10lbs.

I can feel a lot of tightening/pulling and round ligament sensations as to be expected. I haven't been craving too much, but I am really enjoying fruit. I wouldn't say it's a craving per say, more of a fondness ;) Last week I bought a wide variety!

Today my exhaustion came back tenfold! I had a decent nights sleep, got up at 7am, and by 10:30 I needed a nap. That nap turned into 12pm and even then I could have continued to sleep. I had to make myself get up! I am trying to listen to my body when it needs rest, but I feel like a slug! Hopefully it's just a growth spurt and I will get some energy back to face the rest of the week. Thankfully today was a holiday :)

Last week was busy with family, the dentist, taking the car in for new tires, chiro, and dog orders.

This week will fly by as it's my in laws last week here, I have dog chow orders to complete, chiro again, my car goes in for new brakes, my mom is coming out to visit/stay over Thurs-Sat, and hubby has to work extra hours 2 days this week. It's going to fly!

I am so excited and yet nervous for our upcoming ultrasound! Two weeks today and we find out the sex of our little chickpea!! Eeek!! Finger's are so tightly crossed and little prayers that everything is okay, and the baby is doing great. I am not as uptight as I was the first 13 weeks, but it still has my nerves in knots. It's a big responsibility growing a human! LOL!

Any guesses what I'm having?! Leave a comment #teamboy or #teamgirl.

I have no idea, although I am leaning towards a boy. We'll see!! I will be back with an update on my ultrasound June 6th, and the reveal is June 11th after we share with our family and close friends!

Thanks for following our journey to parenthood<3
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